Monday, July 19, 2010

July 15th, 2010

We spent the entire morning working on tweaking the details on our final project. Even after the paperwork was finished and details started to be discussed I realized how many variables we would have to control. We started to track down more experts to participate in the experiment but for being a gaming school there was a lack of people into video games. This surprised me greatly because I was expecting to have a difficult time finding novices. Then we had a meeting with a representative from Kodak. It was very nerve racking to present and I even wound up in the only echoing spot in the entire room. Although I was nervous all the interns got through it and we even got some helpful hints and tips for our final project. After subs we were treated to a tour of the optics lab. They had some sweet machinery in there. At the end of the day we said a sad goodbye to Nate and made our way home.

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