Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7th, 2010

The second day of my RIT internship was no less eventful than the first. When I arrived we had our morning meeting and were charged with two tasks for the day. The first to get our passwords four our CIS accounts and the second to meander upstairs to the third floor and swipe our cards to get access to certain rooms. When I arrived at my lab area Nate was already present and setting up his Twiki account. After we were shown how to work the website that anyone in the group could post on we were charged with a task. To find how many degree's the camera on the portable eye tracker took up in a normal persons field of vision. After Jeff left we had a group effort in clearing out the cobwebs surrounding the long forgotten trigonometry. After we came up with three separate answers, width height, and the slant we set off for completing our tasks set earlier in the day. When we got back from lunch we had another job to get done, this one taking the skills we were taught the day before and finishing the eye tracking video taken the day before. It was reviewed and accepted only to again be sent out on the arduous task of creating a 'hierarchy' of names for when we started labeling the fixations. Needless to say I am VERY glad that we have the technology we do now and I am not stuck spending 14 hours on seven minutes of video. A day well spent with results to show for it.

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