Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 20th, 2010

We had a word that we were given at the beginning of the day and told to blog about. Octavia and I figured it out halfway through the day. However my first couple of guesses were around the lines of "terrain punisher" and the like. After some thought this word seemed to look a lot like entrepreneur. We rummaged around and found this new word that neither of us had ever seen before, 'intrapreneurhips'. This word seems to be sort of like entrepreneur but instead of working for oneself its about working for a company. Apparently this word is what alot of businesses want to see in their employees. Anyway on another invigorating note we finally FINALLY got our paperwork turned in, it only took forever. We also started working on the problem of trying to offset data that was gathered in the heat maps of geo and non geo. This problem is very frustraiting and I hope we can solve it soon.

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