Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19th, 2010

Paperwork and more paperwork filled up this day. It consited of typeing up the IRB going over it and then retyping it several times becasue WORD decided it hated us. We also found a big problem in the mainframe of our final project. After the entire lab helped us work out the problem and find a solution that was both concivable and time worthy we set off to make changes. We were also charged with the task of becoming experts on Adobe Lightroom. Its an amazing program for pictures and I especially like the part where the actual pictures can be changed and enhanced. Unfortunatly we will not be working with that part but with the organization and viewing of said pictures. By the end of the day we made several breakthroughs in the programs such as, what the arrow keys actuallly DO. We also figured out how to view several pictures at once without zooming around and making the adience sick.

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